I did it!

** I did it! 448 poems in 448 days, done and dusted. I managed to pick up a surprising amount of followers along the way, so thank you to everyone who followed and commented – it’s much appreciated! I hope you enjoyed at least some of the poems along the way…

I won’t be writing every day anymore, but I’ll still be posting the odd thing on my other blog ThingsKristerWrote, so please check that out if you’re still interested.

Bye for now!


Hello, and welcome to my new challenge. The maths are quite simple: 448 days until my fortieth birthday x 1 poem a day = 448 poems. Is it possible? Certainly. Is it sensible? Certainly not. But I’m going to do it anyway. There’s plenty of time to be sensible once I’ve hit 40. Until then, let the poems commence!

(Please scroll down to the list of recent posts to get to the poems. I figured that would be the least unwieldy design!)


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