119 – Darth Origins

Poem number 119
Darth Origins
A Jedi, whilst still a young lad
Met a Queen, had some fun then turned bad
He joined the Dark Side
She gave birth and died
And her twins had a Sith for a dad.


143 – Good Work Master Kenobi

Poem number 143
Good Work Master Kenobi
A trooper patrolling Mos Eisley
Followed instructions precisely
“Your droids are ok,
You can go on your way.”
The mind-trick was working quite nicely.

214 – Beyond Tatooine

Poem number 214
Beyond Tatooine
Two deaths beneath two mid-day suns
Two skeletons left charred
The smoke obscures the homestead
Luke is devastated, scarred
He vows to fight the Empire
Be a Jedi, be a man
Sells his speeder, hires a ship
Flies off to Alderaan.
And thus begins adventure
Legend, soaring twists of fate
New hope strikes back at darkened skies
Destiny awaits.

321 – Oh, Mrs Danvers

Poem number 321
Oh Mrs Danvers
Oh Mrs Danvers your face is severe, Mrs de Winter is always in fear,
The house is an empire you rule in the stead of Rebecca de Winter, who sadly is dead
The new wife does trespass, she doesn’t belong – you wish she would leave here, her face is all wrong
If leave she will not then insanity calls, you’ll burn down the house and smile as it falls
Dear Manderley dies, a fountain of flame to spite the new mistress for taking her name.

357 – It’s All In The Game, Yo

Poem number 357
It’s All In the Game, Yo
While shepherds washed their socks one night
All sitting round the fire
A scruffy murder police arrived –
McNulty from The Wire
He held a photo up to them
And said “You seen this guy?
Fluffy wings and dressed in white?
I heard that he dropped by.”
“Oh yeah,” a shepherd nodded
“He was here sometime last night
He told us that some kid’s been born
To put the world to rights.”
“That’s right,” another shepherd said
“He said that we should go
And visit with this honky kid
And give him presents, yo. “
McNulty nodded sagely, said
“Yeah well, that may be true
But who gives a fuck about some kid
When my guy’s turning blue?
He’s lying on a slab downtown
A shank stuck in his chest,
And you folks saw him last, it seems
So tell me all the rest
Or I’ll lock you up in County
With the rapists and the nuts
And you’ll spend a week just shitting blood
From out your bony butts.”
“Ok, ok,” The first replied
“Fuck me, I hate Five-o.
Don’t you going telling no-one
That we told you what we know.”
“That’s Gabriel, Big Angel G
He came here once a week
To buy himself a half a key
To spread amongst the meek.”
“A dealer?” Jim McNulty smiled
“I guess that seems to fit.
He looked so damned angelic
But this mope was selling shit.
I guess that even Heaven’s
Full of dope fiends everywhere
And maybe God don’t give a fuck
Who deals the shit up there.
Ok, I’ll buy it. There’s no point
In asking you for more
But no promises – I may be back
Again, who knows for sure.”
And with that he turned and walked away.
The shepherds shook their heads
“A Five-o. Here. In Shepherd Town
Just ‘cause some honky’s dead.”
They picked their socks up once again
And hoped that no one heard
That they’d spoken to McNulty
‘Cause if Marlo got the word
Then they’d end up in the vacants
Which would be a goddamned shame
But I guess that’s just the risk you take
When you be in The Game.

373 – Last Night I Dreamt Of Slytherin

Poem number 373
Last Night I Dreamt Of Slytherin
Last night I dreamt of Slytherin
Once more I was fifteen
We lounged beneath the Hogwarts lake
The light was slimy green
We practiced funny curses
On the first years for a while
Then talked a little quidditch
And the finer points of style
We cheated on our homework
Hexed a post-owl, turned it red
We downed some stolen butterbeer
Then wandered off to bed
Those heady days, those perfect times
Now distant, blurry, dim
That indolent and selfish boy
Was lost, and I’m not him
It’s only in my dreams that I
Can feel so young and free
Only when I dream do I
Become that better me
Tonight I’ll dream of Slytherin
Of light that’s tinted green
Those heady days, those perfect times
When I was just fifteen.