6 – DPRK

Poem number 6
He was a little portly chap
His uniform was brown
He liked to line up relatives
And gently gun them down
He liked to act the superman,
Hole drives right off the tee
He liked to punish miscreants
With death by RPG.
He was a little portly chap
His cap perched on his head
The world will be much better
When the little bastard’s dead.


19 – WTF? WTF? WTF!

Poem number 19
The world went fucking mad today
I really don’t know what to say
I watched all night and muttered sadly
Watched his speech and giggled madly
Surely, surely it’s a joke
That they have picked this nutty bloke
To hold the nukes and keep the peace
Please wake me up, I need release
But no. It’s not a joke or trick
This total madman was their pick,
Four years now to hide and cower,
What a night. Our darkest hour?

132 – Admiral Ackbar

Poem number 132
Admiral Ackbar
“Admiral Ackbar!” they cry, “Admiral Ackbar!”
They charge into the crowd, lightsabres ablaze
They slash and maim and kill
No longer Jedis, though they mouth the words
Empty husks
The Dark Side has suffused and seduced them
The Force cries out in pain
And Yoda weeps.

151 – The Ballad Of BoJo

Poem number 151
The Ballad Of BoJo
There once was a man with blonde hair
Spent quite a long while as a Mayor
But his bid to be Boss
Ended up in a loss
And he had to retreat to his lair.
For the moral (which has such renown)
Of this tale of ambition shot down
Is the man with the knife
In political life
Is the one man who won’t win the crown.