3 – In The Garden

Poem number 3
In The Garden
The empty tree, stripped bare by thieves
The lawn now raked, the mound of leaves
And sitting in that leafy pile
My daughter with delighted smile
The sea of colour round her lap
Her little gloves, her little cap
Persuade me Autumn’s not so bad,
She scatters leaves, and runs to dad.


78 – Deja Poo

Poem number 78
Deja Poo
Here again, it’s Deja Poo
The nappy was so clean and new
But now it’s filled with browny goo
So back we come again.
Kneeling at the changing mat
Wiping off the poo you’ve shat
We’ll be back soon, no doubt of that
Your poos are quite a pain.
But Deja Poo’s OK by me
I’m used to cleaning poo and wee
It’s part of loving you, you see
So back we come again.