389 – Ey Up Granville

Poem number 389
Ey Up Granville
Me whippet died on Tuesday
I were workin’ hard at t’ pit
Me Mam brought up his body
An’ some Hovis an’ some grit
I buried ‘im at lunchtime
As I ate me bit o’ bread
A reet good little dog ‘e were,
I’m sorry that ‘e’s dead.
I piled up grit on top o’ ‘im
An’ said a miner’s prayer
“Lovin’ Lord o’ Pitmen
Take this dog wi’ gentle care –
He only bit t’ postman
When he knew ‘e ‘ad a bill
An’ ‘e never bit me ferret,
It were only rats ‘e’d kill
I’m sorry that ‘e’s dead o’ Lord
He really were me mate
But at least I’ll save t’shilling
Of t’ cost of all ‘e ate.”