70 – GameHead

Poem number 70
My mind is tired, my body’s weak
My throat is far too dry to speak
I need some food, I need some drink
I need some rest as well, I think
And yet I sit here, still-life scene
Staring at the dratted screen
Just rip the damned thing from my hands
Let time restart, let’s make some plans
Addicted, suckered, tethered, lame
Forever there. Just one more game.


232 – Bloody Word!

Poem number 232
Bloody Word!
I hate the sight of MS Word
And all its format woes
It changes fonts and margins
In my rhymes and in my prose.
There is no earthly reason
Why such problems should survive
In a program that’s been stapled
To our desks since ’95 –
You would think that in the 20 years
Or so since Windows landed
They’d have smoothed out all the wrinkles
And it wouldn’t leave you stranded
With a paragraph that’s right aligned
With superscript turned on
Just above a centred heading
With the middle letters gone
It’s a bastard, it’s a total git
But sadly it’s default
So I guess we’re simply lumbered
With no way to call a halt
To the automatic editing
The margins or the views
It’s annoyingly essential
Though it’s not the one we’d choose.