28 -The Dead Man In The Basement

Poem number 28
The Dead Man In The Basement
The Dead Man In The Basement
Should be out of sight and mind
But The Dead Man In The Basement
Well, he’s nothing of the kind.
The Dead Man In The Basement
Smells of pork and long goodbyes,
The house is always buzzing
With his colony of flies.
The Dead Man In The Basement
Left his mark upon my wall,
A vivid scarlet bloodstain
From the night he took his fall.
The Dead Man In The Basement
Hasn’t gone, he’s always there
In the creaking of my floorboards
And the cobwebs in my hair.
The Dead Man In The Basement
Lies in waiting for the day
When he rises from the basement
With a grin, and makes me pay.


29 – Halloween Greetings

Poem number 29
Halloween Greetings
I saw a witch on Halloween
She waved as she whizzed past
She must have been a hundred
But she still flew very fast.
“Hello!” She called and gave a grin
“Hello!” with grin called I,
Then went inside for Newsnight
And a slice of pumpkin pie.

31 – Drawn Through Darkness

Poem number 31
Drawn Through Darkness
The darkness drags you through the seams
Of normal life through shattered dreams
And nightmares from a different age
More primal, violent, full of rage
The midnight streets drip ragged malice
Homeless in a cardboard palace
Dealers push to earn their corn
Pockmarked ladies, real life porn
For fifty quid the world is yours
Inhaled through atavistic pores
How easy now to fall from grace
This darkness is another place
To yield is easy, simple sin
To weaken senses, just give in
But then the wolves arrive in packs
Too late, my friend, to hide your tracks
The fallen, tempted, easy prey
The boots kick out, the world goes grey.

32 -Thank You For The Opportunity, Lord Sugar

Poem number 32
Thank You For The Opportunity, Lord Sugar
“You lost me bloody money!” The bearded dwarf was blunt,
His henchmen sat beside him in The Boardroom, at the front.
“You’re a total bloody shambles, you were useless, a disgrace
And now you sit here spouting bloody rubbish in my face,
You’ll be back here in a little while to talk me through this mess.
And YOU lot, you were lucky, but you won I must confess
So you go and have your little treat, the others will be back
And I’ll point my bloody finger and give one of them the sack!”

33 – The Inevitable Is Inevitable

Poem number 33
The Inevitable Is Inevitable
The inevitable is inevitable
That’s why it’s called the inevitable.
It’s going to happen, and you can’t stop it.
You can rail against it
Fight against it
Throw your toys out of the pram
But in the end it will happen.
Because it’s inevitable
And in the end it will happen.
So throw those toys, if you must
Fight against it, if you must
Rail against it, if you must
But it’s going to happen, and you can’t stop it
That’s why it’s called the inevitable.
The inevitable is inevitable.

35 – Cumulus

Poem number 35
In wonder did he lie beneath
The clouds as white as children’s teeth
That puffed along on summer breeze
So common yet designed to please
A myriad of giant shapes
A chicken’s head, a bunch of grapes
He lay, he gazed, he wondered then
He closed his eyes, and slept again.

36 – I Love Science

Poem number 36
I Love Science
It rains diamonds on Saturn
That’s just mental, I’m in awe!
Carbon dust falls from the sky
And down to Saturn’s floor
But the atmospheric pressure
Out on Saturn is immense
And it crushes all that carbon
In a way that’s quite intense
So before the dust has landed
It’s transformed to diamond rain
It’s amazing, awesome, wonderful
It’s Science, it’s insane!