20 – Vitriolic Turds

Poem number 20
Vitriolic Turds
When it came to voting
The right wing were the choice
But when it comes to shouting
It’s the left who have the voice.
They fill the social media
With a vitriolic ire
Talk of revolutions
Fighting poverty with fire,
They say there’s no democracy
No remnants of free speech
But try to disagree with them
And you’ll be called a leech
A scab, an evil scumbag
An oppressor of the poor,
A selfish right wing fatcat
And a bastard, that’s for sure
Because only their views matter
And to argue is a sin –
If you dare to raise a different view
They’ll simply kick you in,
For their talk of peace and freedom
Is a costume made of words
By their actions shall you know them
And their actions equal turds.


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