41 – The Ascension Of Coco Dumont

Poem number 41
The Ascension Of Coco Dumont
She wore tassles on her nipples
And for clothing, that was it
Just a tiny bit of tinsel
In the middle of each tit.
At the start she was embarrassed
But in time she grew blasé
At the thought of being naked
On the stage three times a day,
Though she never did enjoy it
Wasn’t flattered by the lust
Of the sweaty men with beady eyes
Fixed always on her bust.
‘Well it pays the bills’, her mantra
When a friend would ask her why
Then she’d slip into her bedroom
And she’d have a little cry.
‘Til at last, at twenty seven
She was booted off the stage,
The spotlight’s unforgiving
When you reach a certain age
So she gathered up her savings
Bought a flat down by the sea
Where she sits there by the window
Drinking endless cups of tea
And enjoying endless boredom
Endless ocean, endless ships:
No stage, no men, no tassles
Just a pot of PG Tips.


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