166 – The Man Who Always Nose

Poem number 166
The Man Who Always Nose
His nose is long and pointed
And his voice does over-ride
He is the self anointed
King of info from inside.
He has to be the first to know
And you must know he knows
That he knew before you knew
So he taps his pointy nose
And announces that he has the news
He knows the secret score –
He’s halfway through disclosure
By the time you’re through the door.
It seems slightly harsh to foil him
But you do it all the same
‘Cause you find it quite annoying
And don’t want to play the game
So you keep your face inscrutible
With empty, boring eyes
Play the man who knew already
And don’t ever show surprise.
It’s quite petty, but it satisfies
It’s pyrrhic, but you win
Mind games are quite harmless –
It’s the snooping that’s the sin
So you grunt in absent boredom
And pretend it’s you that knows,
Just throw your spanner in the works
To spite that pointed nose.


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