177 – Carpe Diem!

Poem number 177
Carpe Diem!
Beneath the pockmarked chalky moon,
The acne laden sky
They chanced to hear a crooner croon
Before they said goodbye.
He sang a song of solitude
Of love and loss and sex
The words were short and very crude
And left them both perplexed.
As they parted by her landlord’s door
She kissed him, rather chaste
Said “Darling if you really sure
I’m not a total waste
Will you shag me here, tomorrow
Underneath the moonlit sky?
I’d be rather filled with sorrow
If we never had a try.”
And the idiot, the total fool
Said “Could we not just kiss?
I think our chastity is cool
So let’s give sex a miss.”
The ‘morrow came as ‘morrow’s do
He brought a bunch of flowers
He stood there in his shiny shoes –
She didn’t show for hours,
When she did he said “You’re lagging!
We’re you victim of a crime?”
She said “No – I’ve been out shagging
And I lost the track of time.”
Then she kissed him, sadly, on the head
And waved a fond goodbye –
He should’ve nailed her on the bed
And not refused to try.
So the moral of this tragic ode
Beneath the pockmarked moon
Is that if you’re standing by the road
And hear a crooner croon
Then for Christ sake don’t be chicken –
Take your chance son, while you can
Or your girl will end up dickin’
Someone else, you stupid man!


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