183 – Come By!

Poem number 183
Come By!
They used to herd lambs in the cold northern climes
But the sheep herds are withered and dead
So the sheepdogs adapted to e’er changing times
And today they herd children instead.
At 8.45 in the cities and towns
The streets ring to calls of “Come by!”
And thousands of schoolboys in summer-term gowns
Run in flocks under cloud ridden skies.
Behind and around them the dogs do their thing
They harry and hassle and chide
Guiding the children past playgrounds and swings
To the schoolyards a thousand yards wide.
The gates slam behind them, they’re trapped for the day
Whilst the dogs go on home for a sleep
Where they dream eerie dreams of a time gone away
Where they worked on the hills chasing sheep.


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