199 – Dear Sonnet

Poem number 199
Dear Sonnet
Your beauty is iambic, dear Sonnet
Syllabic pairs with ev’ry second stressed.
For love, no other form could upon it
Bear such a weight of meaning so expressed.
And those romantics of poetic bent
With heads bowed and swanfeather quill afire
Choose none other to smoulder their intent
Through four quatrains of such heartfelt desire.
And when, at last, their allotted twelve lines
Of alternating rhyme have been inscribed
The lover has one more sweet gift that shines
With love. A final couplet then imbibed.
Fourteen lines that show us your beauty, aye
Dear Sonnet, lens to every poet’s eye.


2 thoughts on “199 – Dear Sonnet

  1. I’m glad to find another sonnet fan out there, and from reading this one it seems as though you appreciate its historic appeal, particularly on the subject of love. If there was something worthy of some sonnet-love it would be the form itself, so it’s nice to see you serenade it!

    Best of luck in achieving your poetry ambition.


    • Hi Michael, thank you for the kind comments 🙂 This one turned out well and I was proud of it, but I know sonnets aren’t everyone’s cup of tea so it was nice to see that you liked it! Best wishes and thanks again, Krister.


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