205 – Cannibal Stew (And Matters Of Etiquette)

Poem number 205
Cannibal Stew (And Matters Of Etiquette)
Take one child, medium sized and not too bruised
Take 4 onions, 3 new potatoes and a leek
Add some stock which has been slowly, lovingly infused
With essence of orphan for at least a week
Put all your ingredients in a large stainless pan
And simmer, gently, until the meat falls off the bone
Or until the stock is the colour of an elderly man
With dysentery. Let it rest. Be patient, this dish is prone
To disintegration if you try to rush it. So wait
For at least an hour and allow the aroma to seduce you
In the manner of a courtesan. Then heap it all on a plate
And devour. Hungrily. With gusto. But close your mouth when you chew.

Manners maketh the man.


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