207 – Instrumental

Poem number 207
I’ve been to the land where the xylophones grow
And the zithers do slither all day
Where the didgeridon’ts always didgeridoo
And the bongos just keep out the way
It’s a land where the sky’s always orange and pink
And the grass is the colour of night
The clouds have straight edges and parallel lines
And the tree branches grow to the right
It’s a land filled with music and laughter and song
Where the bagpipes rule wisely and well
It’s spotlessly clean, and calm and serene
And the sunsets are clear as a bell
I’d a thought that I’d live there for all evermore
And bathe in the glories it brings
But I got quite annoyed and my dreams were destroyed
When I found it’s where Deschanel sings
That’s right! Deschanel, Zoey of that name
Whose crooning is ever so twee
I can’t stand her voice so I’d really no choice
But to leave there, to scarper, to flee
And now I can’t live in that land with pink sky
Where the zithers do slither all day
The xylophones grow, but for me there’s no show
Because Deschanel got in the way!


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