208 – Doing A Runner

Poem number 208
Doing A Runner
Farewell then, all you idle folk
Farewell, I raise a glass
To your vehement refusal
To get off your flabby arse
To your utter fucking laziness
Your total lack of drive
To your monumental lie-ins
Where you sleep from 9 to 5
To your sugar puffs and B&H
Pot Noodles by the score
To your unwashed vests and household pests
And boarded-up back door
And I raise a glass to you, you twats
To you and all your friends
‘Cause I’m leaving on the nightbus
Doing 90 round the bends
And I won’t be back, I won’t be back
I won’t be back, not me
Please God I won’t be back again
For all of you to see
I’m escaping, I’m escaping
I can do it, I can cope
I can do it, I’m escaping
And I won’t be back. I hope.

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