222 – Whale Tale

Poem number 222
Whale Tale
“The Whale! The Whale! The Whale!” They cried
“An ambush! Wrecked the boat!”
So we went to sea with harpoons three
And a knife to cut its throat.
We sailed for weeks, aye weeks and months
O’er waves and through the swell
Our luck was fair, we found its lair
And entered into hell.
The fight was long, the fight was hard,
The whale a mighty foe,
He swept his tail and smashed our sail
And dragged us down below.
But strong of arm and stout of heart
We speared and lanced and fought,
‘Til we prevailed: The Whale had failed!
His efforts brought to nought.
We’d won the day, we sailed away
With tunics up the mast
To catch the breeze of all those seas
‘Til we got home at last
“The Whale!” We cried. “The Whale! The Whale!
Is vanquished, and we’re free!”
The folk elated, we were feted
Kings Of All The Sea!


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