237 – Happy Days

Poem number 237
Happy Days
I filled a car with jelly
Then I pushed it down the road
Much to the amusement
Of the ancient Mr Spode.
The car rolled ever onwards
Down the sharply sloping hill
It rolled into the distance
And it’s probably rolling still
But I never saw that car again
Nor heard its final fate
For a madman came and hit me
With his wooden garden gate
And I fell to earth unconscious
Before waking in my bed
With a cup of tea beside me
And a bandage round my head
And above me, on the ceiling
Mr Spode had pinned a card
That said “When you’re feeling better
Come and fill my car with lard!”
So I did, and as we watched it roll
Downhill, and out of view
We laughed and cried “We’ve done it!”
And we had. And that’ll do.


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