244 – One Trick Pony

Poem number 244
One Trick Pony
I’m a simple, one trick pony and my trick is wearing thin
I am faded, I am jaded, I have no more plates to spin
I try to peddle what I have and hope that people buy
But as time goes on my skill is gone and folk just walk on by
For my pony trick’s transparent as an emporatic suit,
My talent’s old and weary and my trumpet’s set to mute
I have no choice or option but to peddle day to day
My trick is all I have to give, though long since dulled to grey
And a pony is a pony, whether multi-skilled or not
And you have to flog your pony if a pony’s all you’ve got
So I pedal and I peddle what I have with no remorse
I am jaded, I am faded, and I haven’t got a horse.


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