249 – The Magic ZigZag Tree

Poem number 249
The Magic ZigZag Tree

Behold the magic ZigZag tree
That only grows at night
It has peaches on the left, you’ll see
And doughnuts on the right.
Its bark is purest, softest silk
With zebra-striped motif
The pixies wash its leaves with milk
And mulch its roots with beef.
If you wish upon the ZigZag Tree
When summer’s at its height
Then your wish will soon come true, you’ll see
Before the morning light.
But beware, the ZigZag Tree is staid
And has no time for sex
So don’t wish that you were getting laid
Or it may get perplexed.
When perplexed, the magic ZigZag Tree
Will tend to show its might
Through the gouging out of eyes, you’ll see
Before you lose your sight
So control your lust, I would advise
Just wish for cakes and tea
That’s unless you wish to lose your eyes
Forever more, you see?


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