264 – New York

Poem 264
New York
New York is full
Of American things
Tall buildings and cabbies
And Tiffany rings
Hot dogs and bagels
And mustard and suits
Bloomingdales, Limos
And shops selling fruit
But it hasn’t got rhinos
So it’s not for me
A place with no rhinos
Is pointless, you see
So sod off New York
You can keep all your tat
I’ll move to Zaire
Where the rhinos are at.


6 thoughts on “264 – New York

    • Interesting! I did what you suggested and got in my DeLorean (oh ok,I admit it – it’s a Reliant Robin with a flux-capacitor taped to the roof) and went straight to Central Park. I didn’t see any rhinos (damn you New York Herald!) but I did buy the Brooklyn Bridge on the way home…


  1. That, if I may be so bold to say so sir, is bunkum. As any New Yorker will tell you The Brooklyn Bridge didn’t open until 1883. And it would be impossible to fit it into the boot of a Robin Reliant, particularly given all the space needed for the cabling to power a flux capacitor.


  2. I never said the I took the *completed* Brooklyn Bridge – I just took the bits they’d built so far. They’d only been building for four years by then so it was quite a manageable size. You’re right about it not fitting in the boot though. I had to put a fair bit in the back seat, and I had to leave the windows open so that the ends could poke out. It played hell with the aerodynamics on re-entry, and I found a pigeon impaled on the end of one of the struts, but it was well worth the hassle. Time travelling is the best!


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