267 -Fading Light

Poem number 267
Fading Light
Gurning faced pensioners chew on their chips
Behind them are children with snot on their lips
Teenage girls giggle and tap at their phones
They wear too much make-up and look quite like clones
A mum with a pram struggles in through the door
The rain-cover dripping the sleet on the floor
The misted up windows, the chill in the air
The steaming hot cuppas, the damp frizzy hair
The smell of the chips and the burgers and beans
The sound of the seagulls and coins in machines
Three-thirty pm in this town by the sea
The autumn light fading on hot cups of tea
The chipped china mugs and the white plastic spoons
Eternally linked to these wet afternoons
So long ’til the summer, the winter ahead
Will creep like a sloth in this town of the dead
And yet, in this half-light, this autumn cafe
The memories will form and they won’t go away
And in my own autumn, when I start to fade
My mind will come back to this greasy spooned glade
And I’ll smile at the memory of scolding hot tea
In my England, my childhood, my town by the sea.


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