271 – Miaow

Poem number 271
The cat miaowed
Again. Again!
Just on and on
And on. A pain!
I couldn’t think
I couldn’t read
The little bastard
Wouldn’t heed
My shouts, my threats
My constant pleas
He just miaowed
And so I seized
His neck to lift him
From the ground
And suddenly
There was no sound
But silence!
For the cat was limp
His neck had snapped,
The little gimp
Had died on me
Just out of spite
So now I’m out
In blackest night
With spade and fork
And tearful spouse
To plant the cat
Outside the house
I’ll dig the hole
And drop him in
Then put his basket
In the bin
No more miaows
A life of calm
Now noisy pussy’s
Bought the farm
Ha ha ha ha
Hee hee hee hee
Ho ho ho ho
At last I’m free!


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