279 -The 5am Club

Poem number 279
The 5am Club
There’s over an hour ’til the first rays of sun
But for many the new working day has begun
The policemen, the firemen no thoughts for themselves
The drivers, the postmen the folk stacking shelves
The people on buses, their hair still askew
Playing games on their phone just for something to do
The men washing windows with squeegees on poles
The men by the SnackShack with hot bacon rolls
The smell of the bacon, the sound of their talk
The morning assails every sense as I walk
The world is asleep save for us lucky few
Who start before dawn and who do what we do
And the tiredness it brings as the evening arrives
Is tiresome, but worth it to have in our lives
These moments, these memories, vignettes in our head
Such a secret existence, us folk not in bed
The streetlights and bacon the sound of a bus
The dawn hasn’t broken, the world is for us.


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