292 -The United Procrastinations

Poem number 292
The United Procrastinations
The march of progress quickened
And Humanity sped on
But things grew far too speedily
And precious things were gone
So a group of clever countries
Got together, made a plan
To slow things down a little
And give breathing time to man.
They decided not to do things
Make advances, change their state
Unless those things were overdue
And much delayed, and late.
“Always do tomorrow
What you could’ve done today”
Was the motto they adopted
(After several months delay)
And the world was saved! It slowed right down,
The march of time was paused,
Citizens from everywhere
Broke out in wild applause –
“Hooray for joined up thinking!”
They rejoiced and doffed their caps
Then they all went home at lunchtime
For some telly, and a nap.


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