322 – Immortality Rocks

Poem number 322
Immortality Rocks
Bowie’s dead, and Elvis
So are Mercury and Jones
Harrison’s as dead as spam
And Lennon’s only bones
Lemmy died quite suddenly
And Liberace slow
Orbison is lost to us
Cobain just quit the show
Joplin died at twenty-seven
So did Winehouse, A.
John Denver had a plane crash
Richey Edwards went away
Morrison in Paris
Buckley, J. in Tennessee
Duane Alman on a motorbike
Frank Zappa the Big C
All of which just proves the point
That rock stars dont quite die
Their bodies stop and crumble
And their fans all have a cry
But their names, their legends
Carry on and echo through the years
Their music is remembered
When a decade’s dried the tears
So chins up lads and lasses
Put the ipod on full blast
The flesh was weak and faded
But the soul will always last.


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