330 – Lovely

Poem number 330
A is for arsecakes, B is for bum
C is for cockface, crappy and cum
D is for dung, dogging and dick
E is for excrement, F is for frick,
Fucking fuck fuck fuck, felching and frot
G is for gonad, gash gimp and grot
H is for herpes, ignorant I
J is for jackass, K is KY
L is for limpwrist, M is for muff
N is for nutsack, never enough
Of O (which is orgy), Orifice, P
Is penis and prickhead and pervert and pee
Q is for Quasi, the hunchback and freak
R is revolting and rotten and reek
S is just shitty while T is for tit
U is urethal, unpleasant unfit
V vile veined vagina, W wank
X is x-rated, young Y youths will yank
Z is for zitface, and that’s all you get
This list is now over, this nasty vignette
Of curses and insults and unpleasant words
I hope you enjoyed it, you simpering turds.


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