331 – Fishtails

Poem number 331
Diddle diddle dumpling
My son Frank
Brought me goldfish in a tank
I’d scrape their scales and collect them
In a matchbox made of tin
Fish scales by the thousand
And a solitary fin
I took the fin from Moby Nick
The Terror Of The Tank
A guppy, strong and fearsome
But as thick as two short planks
I took his fin one Wednesday
In revenge for what he’d ate:
Two angel fish, a fantail
And a plastic Dante’s Gate.
There’s a moral to this story
And a meaning hid within:
Behave and you may lose a scale
Be naughty, lose a fin.
And now this rhyme is ended
Which is good, for it’s quite poor
I’ll leave you now, and bugger off
And bother you no more.


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