365 – Dear Professor Hawking

Poem 365
Dear Professor Hawking
My dear Professor Hawking
I don’t believe a word
The theories you propose are quite
Fantastical, absurd
You speak of microscopic things
As if they can be seen
But they can’t, they’re microscopic
They’re the smallest thing there’s been
And in fact, if I might venture
There’s no proof they’re there at all
They may very well be fiction
How could something be that small?
So in truth, my dear Professor
I’m inclined to call your bluff:
Prove to me those things exist
And prove you know your stuff
If you can’t, my dear Professor
I’m afraid your race is run
I will shout about your failure
‘Til the whole world (and the sun)
Are aware you’re talking bollocks
And that science is a con
That anything that tiny
Can’t exist and isn’t on
So prove it, dear Professor
Prove we’re not just being scammed
Prove it, dear Professor
Won’t you prove it and be damned!


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