371 -An Exclamatory Year!

Poem number 371
An Exclamatory Year!
January – Light, bring me more light! Winter’s end draws near!
February – Short and sweet! Valentine’s and pancakes are here!
March – Yellow daffodils! Longer evenings, relief!
April – Proper springtime! Roast lamb and not beef!
May – Summer is born! The promise of glories ahead!
June – Tennis! Longest evenings! Winter is long dead!
July – Dog days! Endless warmth and no coats!
August – Still lovely! Some day trips on boats!
September – A slight chill! Lovely colours! Light jacket!
October – Leaves everywhere! Where’s that scarf – unpack it!
November – Dark and endless! All is lost!
December – Festive shopping! Damn the cost!
A dozen months and on the whole they’re fine
But beware of Dark November it’s a swine!


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