372 – Anchors Away

Poem number 372
Anchors Away
Dyed black hair and gameshow grin
With teeth as white as snow
Dusty pancake make-up and unhealthy fake tan glow
Filling up the tv screens
Ubiquitous and bland
Soundbites full of nothing echo long throughout the land
I wonder what you’re like at home
When you’re not on the box
Do you simper at the microwave, talk bollocks to your socks?
Is the grin switched off at bedtime
Do you wear a tux to sleep
Are you kind to kids and puppies, is your beauty just skin deep?
But really, do I give a damn
About the offscreen you
Do I really have an interest in the things you say and do?
No! I cry, and No! Again
You’re charmless as a brick
You’re always on the telly and in truth you make me sick
So do us all a favour
Please, just close your stupid gob –
Save my screen from endless you and find another job!


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