375 – The Restoration

Poem number 375
The Restoration
There’s a church just half a mile away, I never even knew
Whilst the massive sixties high rise filled my eye
But now the flats are coming down a spire comes into view
And abruptly there is beauty in the sky.
It’s not a fancy church spire, just a pointy bit of stone
But to me it adds a sense of welcome calm
It’s history, it’s architecture raising up the tone
Of the neighbourhood, an old familiar charm
The spire points to the heavens, and although I have no Lord
I appreciate the notion none-the-less,
It gives me thoughts to chew on when I’d otherwise be bored
And it it lifts me when I’m overworked and stressed.
So I sit here now, a cup of tea beside me on the sill
Of the window in the early winter dawn
The day begins in earnest and my eyes can drink their fill
Of the spire which, just like me, is now reborn.


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