387 – They Blind Horses Don’t They?

Poem number 487
They Blind Horses, Don’t They?
A million masks? A million dicks
Just total fucking twats
Do you think the world will listen
When you’ve just behaved like that?
Do you think that blinding horses
Is the way to state your case?
Or throwing broken bottles
With a mask to hide your face?
Are you sure attacking policemen’s
Going to help you get your way?
Did those policemen write The Budget?
Did the policemen cut your pay?
I’m pretty sure they didn’t
And the government’s to blame,
But don’t let a bit of common sense
Or fairness spoil your game
You just carry on regardless, now
You total fucking fools
If you’re sure the world will listen,
And you’re sure they’ll change the rules
But they won’t, ’cause you’ve done nothing
That will help towards your cause.
You’ve done absolutely nothing
That will make the wealthy pause
You’ve done absolutely nothing here
That’s more than just a stunt
You’ve just dressed in mass-production masks
And burnt things. Stupid cunts.


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