392 – a=4 b=5 c=6 d=7 x=15 y=11

Poem number 392
a=4 b=5 c=6 d=7 x=15 y=11
A plus B plus C is X
Y is B plus C
A plus Y is X again
And Y is A plus D
Oh Algebra, I love you
You are symmetry sublime
Equality in number form
Unchanging over time
Bracket AB bracket minus
X will equal B
So X plus B all over A
Is 2C minus D
Equality, that’s all you need
Just treat both sides the same
If you always keep your symmetry
You’re never out the game
A plus D is B plus C
2A plus D is X
Take off Y you’re back to A
It’s Algebraic sex!
It’s numbers, pure and simple
Nothing here to cause alarm
You’d love it if you’d only learn
To see their graceful charm
The way they waltz and pirouette
Around the equals sign
Constant, always constant
Ever placid and benign.
It’s algebra, it’s symmetry
With lines so sharp and clean
Equations for a higher truth
So beautiful, serene.


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