404 – Flat 16: The Wily Mr Cho

Poem number 404


Flat 16: The Wily Mr Cho
I can sense that dreadful Dahmer
In his flat across the hall
He thinks that I don’t know him but in truth I hear it all –
His thoughts, his dreams his menu choices
Whirling round his brain
A dozen buzzing voices of a man who’s quite insane
Right now he’s plotting dinner
And the main course bears my name
But I’m sorry Mr Dahmer I’m not going to play your game
I knew that this would come to pass
I read it in your eyes
This day where we’ll contest at last and one of us will die
I’m ready and I’m willing
Come on on over, start the show!
You’ve met your final match at last in wily Mr Cho.
Ah wily Mr Cho indeed,
I’ve seen it all before
I’ve seen it, done it, made it bleed and now it’s time for more
I can hear you in the hallway now
Your heartbeat slow and calm
Like a lion on the hunt for prey, no sense of coming harm
But you’ve never stalked a seventh son
Across an ancient plain
You’ve never faced a Samurai and won’t, I think, again.
So come on in, and welcome
To the dimming of your light
You’ve come here for some dinner but instead you’ll get a fight
My hands are fast, my blade is sharp
And soon, at last, you’ll know
The wonder and the horror of the wily Mr Cho.

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