407 – Pythagoras, Stupid

Poem number 407
Pythagoras, Stupid
The sum of the square of the two shorter sides
Is the square of the longest you’ve got
So measure each shorty and times by itself
And just add them together, you clot!
Then take what they total, find the square root
(The button that looks like a tick)
The answer you get is the length of the line
That joins the two short ones, you dick!
It’s Pythagoras, stupid, everyone knows
How to find out the length of that line
Did you switch off your ears when they did it in school
Or did you just truant, you swine?
Enough of your ignorance! Go look it up
In a text book, or Google his stuff
Pythagoras, stupid, the triangle guy
Dont come back ’til you’re less full of guff!


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