413 – Passing Fancies

Poem number 413


Passing Fancies


I used to fancy Madonna

In the 90s when she was still fit

My passion grew colder

As she got much older

With varicose veins on her tits.


For beauty is transient, sadly

In time every siren will fall

Like poor Anne Boleyn

Who was sexy as sin

But beheaded? She’d no looks at all.


And what of incredible Helen of Troy

Whose face sent the world into war?

Those luscious red lips

That launched all those ships

Slowly rotted and turned into gore.


And Cleo the Queen of Egyptians

So lovely she near toppled Rome?

A solitary prang

From a venomous fang

And her beauty packed up and went home.


So don’t feel too bad for Madonna

Whose sex appeal’s faded so fast

All bubbles will burst

So she isn’t the first

And she certainly wont be the last.


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