429 – The Stairs Are There

Poem number 429


The Stairs Are There


You use the lift

I don’t know why:

This building’s only three floors high –

The stairs are there, don’t be so lazy

Saving time? Don’t be so crazy –

I can go from ground to third

In half a minute, it’s absurd

To say the lift is faster, but

You’re adamant, you’re in a rut

You catch the lift four times a day

And moan about how much you weigh

The stairs are there, just use your feet

Burn off those calories you eat:

Your waist will thin, your bum will shrink

You’ll get invited out for drinks,

No more overweight and sad

Just fitter, faster, stronger, glad!

All this awaits if you’d admit

The benefits of keeping fit

And start to always use the stairs,

Ignore that lift and all its wares

Ignore its friendy beeping doors –

This building’s only got three floors!


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