430 – Kentucky Fried Cadaver

Poem number 430


Kentucky Fried Cadaver


I wanted chicken nuggets

But I think they sold me short:

I’m not convinced there’s poultry

In the box that I just bought.

That bit just there is tubular

And looks quite like a thumb

While the piece below is long and flat –

I’m sure it is a tongue.

That bit is a battered ear

(The shape can’t be denied)

And the perfect sphere right next to it?

It has to be an eye!


I’m scared to put my hand in there

And root around the bits

Just in case I find a penis

Or a battered pair of tits –

I think I’ll call the manager

And tell him what I’ve found,

Demand that they re-feed me

Or at least refund my pound,

For I may be being fussy

And a mite ungrateful too

But I wanted chicken nuggets –

Battered body parts won’t do!


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