440 – The Honourable Day

Poem number 440


The Honourable Day


A Eulogy

Read By Pastor S. Heets

Duram Light Infantry


We gather today to mourn our comrades

Our brothers. We stand here in deep sorrow

But we stand. As this day ends and light fades

We stand. They fell to give us tomorrow,

A tomorrow that they will never see,

Our brothers. Good Tommies all. They are gone,

But what a grand tomorrow it shall be

If through their own deaths their dreams can live on.


Their dream were our dreams. They dreamt of a rest

From the harvest. An end to the slaughter.

Days in the garden where our very best

Need not fear the knives. The board. The water.

Where our children do not wake in the black

And scream after nightmares of oil and pans.

Where we need not fear the man with the sack

Nor dread the feel of his leather clad hands.


This was their dream. They died to prove its worth

So now we will carry on in their name.

All of their names. Our brothers of the earth.

If we cry for them we will feel no shame

For mourning is a part of life. And death.

And from our grief we draw the strength to fight

And if, like them, it costs us our last breath

Then so be it. An honourable night


Comes only from an honourable day.

We honour all who today gave their life.

We honour all those who were boiled away

We honour those who died under the knife

We honour the stewed, the chewed and the chopped

We honour all who’ve learned The Martyr’s ways

We honour all those whose life has been stopped

Today. At the Battle Of Bolognese.


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